Don't take chances with your health. Your life is your NUMBER 1 PRIORITY over everything else and in essence what do you have if you are very ill or dead? NOTHING. You owe it to yourself and your family to improve your health now, not when it is to late.

DEADLY DISEASES like Heart disease and cancer can be PREVENTED with the correct information. My Veruini store has a huge range of supplements, anti-oxidants and multivitamins that do just that if used correctly.

The keys to preventing cancer are as follows;

1. Get higher oxygen absorption levels into your cells (this can be done by using a supplement that increases oxygen absorption levels like VERUINI GINSENG ENERGY)

2. Kill free radicals (using super anti-oxidants like VERUINI ANTI-OXIDANTS PLUS which is one of the worlds strongest anti-oxidant formulas).

3. Strengthening your immune system (using multivitamins and anti-oxidants like VERUINI SUPER 25's powerful formula)

The number one cancer causing agents known by modern science is aflotoxins. These are found in sugar (the worst), beans, corn, potato, pumpkin and all carbohydrates except rice. This doesn't mean you should not eat these foods, it is all about balance. If you like eating a lot of these foods you need to be consuming a lot of anti-oxidants as well as a supplement that aids digestion like VERUINI NATURAL DIGESTION.

Other cancer causing problems are as follows; exposure to electromagnetic radiation, high acidity in the body(too many soft drinks and acidic foods), candida and fungal infections, smoking, the list goes on but all of these things will have less effect on you if your immune system is stronger than the cancer by using the appropriate supplements to counter act it.

-The main points you must know about preventing heart disease and stroke;

1. Obviously lower cholesterol levels (fish oil or olive oil at recommended doses are the best natural way to lower cholesterol, consult a doctor on dosage) Fish oil can be bought fairly cheap at the chemist and you know where to get olive oil from.

2. Taking half an aspirin once a day to thin the blood.

3. Taking supplements or eating healthy foods that aid the immune system (like anti-oxidants and vitamin supplements). A stronger immune system means healhier blood vessels.

4. Eating foods or taking supplements that repair blood vessels and lower blood vessel inflammation. This also happens with a stronger immune system.