Health and Fitness Blog » Anxiety Heart Attack Why The Anxiety Attacks Are Mixed Up With The Heart Attacks?

Health and Fitness Blog » Anxiety Heart Attack  Why The Anxiety Attacks Are Mixed Up With The Heart Attacks?

July 15, 2009Anxiety Heart Attack Why The Anxiety Attacks Are Mixed Up With The Heart Attacks?

Every year, thousands of patients who come to the hospital complaining of heart attacks leave the hospital within an hour. The reason for this is that these people mix up panic or anxiety attacks with the fatal heart attacks.

Every day many people rush to the emergency rooms of the hospitals thinking that they have had or having or going to have a heart attack. All the tests are done and it turns out that the heart is completely fine. Actually the patient might have undergone through an anxiety attack.

The symptoms of an anxiety attack and the heart attack are somewhat similar, that is why most of the people are unable to spot the difference. Actually very often when people are anxious they get an anxiety attack rather than a heart attack. The person getting an anxiety attack often thinks of it as a heart attack because both have some very common symptoms.

In both of the attacks the heart beat becomes too rapid or irregular. In a heart attack this is accompanied by severe chest pain or pain in some upper body parts like arms, neck or jaw. Sometimes in and anxiety attack too, the patient feels chest pain. But that is mild and always accompanied by rapid breathing. Learning to differentiate between an anxiety attack and a heart attack is somewhat difficult for laymen as both of them generate considerable pain, nuisance and discomfort. However there are some sure-shot signs by which one can differ between the two.

Irregular or rapid heart beating is experienced in both. But the heart attack is marked by severe chest pain or sharp pain in the left arm. If the rapid or irregular heart beating is not accompanied by the pain in the arm or chest then it is an anxiety attack. Sometime people feel it very abnormal when they hear an anxiety attack being confused of being a heart attack. The reason for the confusion rises from the symptoms of mild cardiac problems.

Minor heart attacks often lead to these confusions because some critical indications of heart attack are missing. Anxiety attacks are often accompanied by loss of breath and excessive sweating. Click here for the solution of Anxiety Attacks. These are the conditions which make people believe it to be heart attack of fatal proportions. A difference between the panic attacks and the heart attacks is that the heart attack is marked by severe upper body pains.

The pain is dominant in the left arm and the chest but sometimes the patients might also feel pain in neck, stomach and jaws.To combat anxiety the Panic Therapy is an all-natural solution. Use it to get rid of the Anxiety Heart Attack and the fear of the heart attacks.

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