What to Look for in a Green Food Powder

What to Look for in a Green Food Powder

What to Look for in a Green Food Powder

We are in a situation where our natural environment and daily routines have become unfavorable… We are living a life where we no longer have the time for a healthy meal filled with a healthy dose of nature’s bounty.

But,fortunately, we are already in a position to avail of a more nutritious and convenient alternative through the habit of taking healthy Green Food Powder supplements.

Importance of Greens

No one can over-emphasize the important roles which the greens are playing in our life. Along with fruits, vegetables are the purest sources of vitamins and minerals that not only keep us safe form infections but treat some of the major medical conditions that are preventing us from living out better quality lives.


Gone are the days when the dinner plate has no special place for those veggies. As more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of exempting one’s self from the benefits of green leafy vegetables, there is usually a special full empty plate for the veggies. That’s if they’re available or we have time to sit and eat at all.


Through the initiative of motivated entrepreneurs and hard work of skilled experts, modern alternative medicine is in the best position to offer a more convenient alternative to a healthy sit down meal.

Green powder supplements have become prevalent in health stores as well as online stores. This has made healthy nutrition accessible to all.


Most alternatives fail in comparison to their original counterparts but, not in the case of the super greens. There are a lot of advantages in opting for the super greens powder over the actual vegetables on your dinner plate.

Here’s to name a few…

First, vegetables, algae and grass are better bought in their super green food powder form so you can mix them with water or fruit juice to become more tolerable if not, delicious.

These commercial green powders can be turned into delicious juices, shakes and smoothies in a matter of seconds. Brands that make the green stuff tolerable in liquid form will make it easier for us to meet the daily requirements. On the other hand, brands that can make the same green stuff delicious will help us exceed daily values.

Second, commercial green powders which are usually packed in serving sizes are very convenient to take along and fit in anyone’s typical busy day.

Time is the most expensive commodity these days. A quick ready to mix and drink green powder is very handy during those times when you can’t simply allow yourself out of your office for a decent meal.

Third, when you eliminate the process of heating and cooking such as in the preparation of natural green powders, you save the living nutrients in the original newly harvested greens. In effect, you’ll get more nutrients when you drink your veggies in their raw form.


In pondering over green powder options, there are only three groups of ingredients to consider.


A good green powder supplement should contain good sources of antioxidants. At the very least, a green powder brand should have enough antioxidants to make the body safe from free-radicals that can cause infections and other mild medical conditions.


A sound green powder option should contain enough fiber to clean and flush your system and remove it of toxins that will slowly poison you and keep your organs from functioning properly.


Your green powder choice should contain enough superfoods to be of use in preventing and treating more severe medical conditions like heart diseases, cancer and the likes.

Best Commercial Products

There are a lot of green powder products out in the market. Most of them contain the same basic ingredients that cover the antioxidant, fiber and superfood requirements.

The best green powder will provide that plus a little bit more.

To provide a more applicable guide to help you out in choosing the brand that will best suit you, we are going to discuss a little bit about three of the best all-natural green powder products in the market today.

Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health

If you are trying to treat a lingering medical condition and looking for the most robust green drink supplement then, Green Vibrance will suit you best. It is the most tolerable way to ingest the most number of nutritious green ingredients possible.

Green Vibrance contains 74 green ingredients that will supply the body with a comprehensive list of antioxidants, probiotics, superfoods and fiber.

This product has more antioxidants than any other product in the market for your best protection against free radicals. The ingredients list includes 25 billion live probiotics that can definitely keep your gut healthy. 32 of the 74 ingredients are superfoods that can lower the risk of cancer, stroke and heart diseases.

Green Superfood by Amazing Grass

If you are looking for a healthy green drink supplement and a good tasting beverage that come with in various flavors then, Green Superfood will best suit you. This product actually just started out as a personal healthier substitute for the morning coffee so it’s mainly a healthy beverage. But, the description doesn’t mean that its ingredient is less potent than the rest of the competition.

On the contrary, Amazing Grass practices one of the most meticulous SOPs in the industry to save the most nutrients possible in the raw materials’ preparation and packaging.  Green Superfood powders are as fresh as eating the grass and veggies raw in the Amazing Grass farm.

All Day Energy Greens by Institute for Vibrant Living